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Christie & Joe — Minted




Please join us for our wedding celebration on

80 days until the big day!

Our Story

Joe and I met when he moved to my hometown in Michigan seven years ago. I was living at home with my parents after college, starting my new career as a Registered Nurse at our local hospital. Joe was living in Savannah at that time, and was sent to help as a supervisor for a drywall manufacturing plant with his company.

(Good timing am I right?! Some people might call that Fate!)

You might ask, what is there to do in a small town in Michigan in the dead of winter? Well, lets just say Barnacle Bills Bar was the place to be! I was having some drinks with my girlfriends on a Saturday night when this guy walks in. He lit up the room with his presence, energy, and love for bar games (for those of you who know Joe, you know what I mean, haha). I was like, "Who is this guy? He is super cute!" Apparantly he felt the same way, because the next thing you know he asked me to play a game of pool and we instantly hit it off! We spent the whole night talking, laughing, and dancing the night away!

Little did I know, that was the night I met my future husband.

Over the past seven years we have lived in three different states and eight different houses together. We have grown in our careers, became dog parents, and most importantly, continue to love and support each other every day. We are so excited to see where life takes us next as we become husband and wife!

We are so grateful and thrilled to celebrate with all of you on October 12, 2024!